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I may sound odd but I think Andy Samberg, Jason Segel, and Will Ferrell are attractive men. His sense of humor is the main reason I fell for him. I find him attractive but he's always saying how "goofy" looking he is. Neither my DH or I are stereotypically beautiful people, but omg do I find him so attractive. The stereotypical "hot" male (you know the ones, 6 pack abs tall tan sweaty and handsome) is not what Ive ever been attracted to. My DH constantly puts himself down thinking hes a complete wreck. But when I look at him I see amazing eyes, great kissable lips and a man who makes me completely happy. These three things alone made me fall in love with him. If he ever did change his apperance I would still love him just as much because of the latter characteristic. Or he could get in train wreck and Id still love him unconditionally and want to jump him every morning I see him. =}

I've dated some 'ugly' guys. LOL. But they were amazing people, who treated me with respect and who actually cared about my feelings. Other people made fun of one guy that I dated (they didn't know we were dating because of work issues) and all I could think was "Damn, he's amazing in bed, he treats me like a princess and is funny as hell, so what if he's 'ugly'."

Beauty is not more important. It is the first thing we'll notice about a person, so unless you have an Golden Goose Sneakers opportunity to talk to them and get to know them, you might not ever find out how truely beautiful they are.

I think once you get to know someone, their outsides match their insides. Someone you would consider beautiful from a distance turns ugly when they start making racist comments or mocking overweight people. The reverse can be said Golden Goose Sale for someone who may not look that great, but does amazing things that show later on the outside.


We put so much on it, because that's what people see first. No one can see that you're funny, that you're caring, that you're a loving person when they walk up to you. All they can see is what is on the outside. So we want people to be good on the outside and then hope for the same on the inside. She is and always has been easy Skinny (eats whatever no gym's involved) she has the perfect model butt, chest and shape with no medical intervention. She is pretty to look at with perfect teeth and all the right clothes. However she was raised SPOILED ROTTEN and as soon as she opens her mouth and speaks her looks change. I have actually watched her transform into an physically ugly person right in front of my eyes. Its kind of creepy. So yes I believe personality is more important.