First VoIP Shook Up The Telecoms, Now TV To PC Is Rocking The Boat

Back in 1997 a term called softswitch was invented and softswitches were software programs designed to replace the traditional hardware switchboards used by telephones. Softswitches serve as the gateway between two telephone networks. This really was the fuse that started the VoIP frenzy.

VoIP is sometimes called Broadband Telephone and often just Internet Telephone Service. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it shook up Telecoms about as much as the first laws that ended Ma Bells monopoly of telephone service.

With an even more impressive bang the new Satellite TV to your PC technology is shaking up the cable TV industry. This Internet TV technology, though it has grown popular recently, has been around for many years.

The very first television episode that was broadcast over the Internet was ABC's World News Now, back in 1994 and year later the term IPTV or Internet Protocol Television was first used. IPTV is a broadcast, delivered and received through the technologies used for computer networks and not traditional broadcast used in cable formats.

Since 1995 the technology has grown by leaps and bounds and the key is that TV to PC technology has been perfected during the age of global commerce, meaning global competition. This is great for the end user because in a global market the thing that normally makes the biggest impact, is cost.

TV to PC is making an impact because it is very low priced when compared to traditional cable or satellite TV. Because of global competition the now commonly called Internet TV providers only charge a user one time, because that's what the competition is geared around and that's what the market expects.

This is a case where Global competition has truly worked in the end users favor and greatly. Already millions of people Valentino Shoes HK have paid their one time download fee and gotten rid of their monthly cable or satellite bills.

However, like me, you may have seen it and didn't believe it was true... I didn't believe it was possible to get worldwide channels because it sounded too good to be true... And you know what mother warned us about!

Understand, I come from the old school where you pay every month for Cable TV and you got a limited number of channels. So when I hear about over 4,000 channels, millions of free movies we can download anytime we want, with no limits. Then to top it all off we only have to pay one time for the service and never pay another thin dime... Then yeah, it Valentino Shoes Hong Kong sounds too good to be true.

That said, I was Valentino HK so impressed with the quality of the channels, the number of the channels and the small cost that I canceled my cable TV service the very next day.

TV to PC is rocking the cable providers' boat because global competition is forcing the Internet TV providers to offer great quality, tons of features and more and more channels daily to stay competitive.


Here's a big thumbs up to global competition.